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Results for Craighelen Senior Tennis Club Championships 2017:

Ladies Singles
Winner: Anna Scullion
Runner-Up: Susan Bell
Mens Singles
Winner: Adam Juster
Runner-Up: Harry Gould
Ladies Doubles
Winners: Susan Bell and Sue Black
Runners-Up: Sandra Juster and Jackie Morris
Mens Doubles
Winners: Chris Bowman and Tam Morris
Runners-Up: Rob Colston and Lewis Graham
Mixed Doubles
Winners: Sue Black and Gerry Black
Runners-Up: Anna Scullion and Chris Bowman
Mens Vets Singles
Winner: Rob Colston
Ladies Pot Luck
Winners: Lorna Hunter and Elisabeth Sammon
Runners-Up: Julie Dodson and Dari Young
Mens Pot Luck
Winners: Thomas Welsh and Kieran Martin
Runners-Up: Tam Morris and Arthur Connolly
Open Pot Luck
Winners: Kieran Martin and Russell Graves
Runners-Up: Arthur Connolly and Kurt Hart
Mens Singles Plate
Winner: Kurt Hart
Runner-Up: Lewis Graham
Mens Vets Singles Plate
Winner: John Middleton
Runner-Up: Tam Morris
Mixed Doubles Plate
Winners: Lesley and Jim McGowan
Runners-Up: Jackie Morris and Lewis Graham
Mens Doubles Plate
Winners: Gerry Black and Sandy Allan
Runners-Up: Jim McGowan and John Middleton
Ladies Doubles Plate
Winners: Julie Dodson and Anne Doig
Runners-Up: Jim McGowan and John Middleton
Open Pot Luck Doubles Plate
Winners: Sandra Juster and Tam Morris
Runners-Up: Sue Black and Jackie Morris
Ladies Pot Luck Doubles Plate
Winners: Anne Doig and Shenah Dean
Mens Pot Luck Doubles Plate
Winners: Kurt Hart and John Middleton